Betrayer exploring PC on March 24

The Monolith veterans of Blackpowder Games first launched Betrayer last August through Steam Early Access, and are now almost ready for an actual launch. The spooky 17th century explore-o-FPS will be haunting PC from March 24, the developer announced over the weekend.

Betrayer goes down in a Virginian colony in the year 1604, which, oh no, has gone all monochromatic and become overrun with ghosts and ghoulies. Something unpleasant happened, then, and solving it is meant to be a pretty non-linear experience. Also you have axes and bows and muskets and whatnot.

"We're grateful for all the feedback and suggestions the community provided during our Early Access," Blackpowder said in the announcement. "Your involvement resulted in many new features and refinements and helped us make a better, richer game experience." The dev has wanted the experience to be relatively self-guided, without too much hand-holding, but hoped Early Access testing would help make sure that it wasn't too vague.

Pre-orders are still open, offering Early Access entry for $14.99. It'll cost $19.99 at launch.