PixelJunk Inc. becomes Nom Nom Galaxy, out on Early Access next week

Q-Games' soup-making strategy game PixelJunk Inc has received another new name, becoming PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy. The developer also announced that it'll hit Steam Early Access on March 13 at $9, with a variety of Kickstarter-like higher tiers offering shiny bonuses.

Nom Nom Galaxy sees players setting up elaborate soup-making plants on a hostile alien world, digging out and building facilities, and employing robots. And then you need ingredients. Oh sure, you could simply harvest local flora, but monstrous meat-eaters of the worlds will want you to murder wildlife to pop into cans too. Rival soup corporations will need smashing too.

When Nom Nom hits Early Access on March 13, you'll be able to get it for $9. If you want to splash out more, though, Q-Games plans oodles of tiers to get special costumes or your name in the credits or the soundtrack or getting to help design robots--the usual Kickstarter-y stuff. Q warns that it's currently "a complete buggy mess," but "it will definitely get better in time."