Abyss Odyssey trailer reveals Zeno Clash dev's rougelike-like platformer

Zeno Clash developer ACE Team yesterday announced its latest creation, Abyss Odyssey, but didn't have much to say about what it actually was. Today it's revealed that oh! Abyss Odyssey is an action-platformer with fighting game-ish combat and rougelike-like procedural level generation, coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Publisher Atlus also released the first trailer, giving a peek at the game.

"If you're fighting a skeleton in the game, it's not just a simple enemy that moves forwards and backwards and maybe just punches and throws bones," ACE Team's Carlos Bordeu explains in the trailer. "It's a complex AI with an equivalent moveset to your own."

If you take a shine to an enemy, you can even become them after defeating them and capturing their soul, morphing into them and using their moves. Every enemy has a full spread of parries and combos and air attacks and whatnot, so ACE each "feels completely different."

Have a gander for yourself in this first trailer, which shows the player becoming a bull monster: