Luftrausers taxiing for March 18 launch

From fishing to the nuclear apocalypse, Ridiculous Fishing and Nuclear Throne developer has turned all manner of things into fine shooty games. So dogfighting aeroplanes should be a snap, really. Publisher Devolver Digital today announced that Luftrausers will launch of PC, PlayStation 3, Vita, Mac, and Linux on March 18.

It's an expanded version of Vlambeer's free browser game Luftrauser, which flings you into the sky in a tiny little plane to blow up hostile ships, submarines, and other aircraft. It has a beautiful sensation as you dance in the air, twirling and falling at the peak of a climb before diving down, guns blazing. Then everything explodes.

The full Luftrausers has 125 combinations of plane bodies, propulsion systems and guns to customise your fighter, and over 100 missions.

Pre-ordering gets you a 10% discount, bring it down to $8.99. The official site has links to stores selling it, and, why not, a $749.99 bundle with one DRM-free download and 100 Steam keys.