The Swapper deploying clones to PS4, PS3 and Vita

As befits a game about cloning yourself, The Swapper is multiplying onto PlayStation 4, PS3, and Vita. Facepalm Games' sci-fi puzzle-platformer is fizzing away in Sony test tubes at Curve Studios, the folks behind PlayStation ports of PC games from Proteus to Thomas Was Alone.

The Swapper is set on a bleak space station in the far reaches of space, where something terrible has happened. Handily you're holding a nifty tool which lets you clone your character and swap between clones to solve puzzles and progress. It's got a lovely handcrafted look, as the game's assets were originally built out of clay and household odds and ends.

Curve expects to launch the PlayStation ports in mid-May. Most pleasantly, they'll support Cross-Buy and Cross-Save. Here's a trailer from the PC version: