Renowned Explorers mapping the world with Reus dev

Before the maps were filled in, and the globe robbed of mystery by so-called 'reason,' who knew what wonderful and terrible things lurked in the gaps? Other than the people who already lived there, of course. No, this is a job for Renowned Explorers: International Society. Reus creator Abbey Games today announced its new game, a globe-trotting treasure hunt inspired by the likes of Indiana Jones and X-COM: Enemy Unknown.

Renowned Explorers is split into two sides. In one you'll recruit a team of explorers and hunt down treasure leads around the world, from Caribbean islands to dark jungles. The other sends you out to plunder the treasure, roaming around in turn-based action where problems can be solved with violence or sometimes, if you fancy, a nice chat.

The world's generated procedurally, Abbey Games explains in the announcement, so each time you fire it up you'll have a new world to discover. The developer also lists Fire Emblem and Jules Verne as influences.

Renowned Explorers: International Society is coming to PC. No word on a release window yet. Abbey has no more plans to make new content for Reus, but will finish up the currently-in-beta Mac and Linux versions, and fix bugs.