Octodad targeting April on PS4, still considering Xbox One

Octodad: Dadliest Catch has set its sights on an April release for PlayStation 4, a slight push from its previous target of March. Developer Young Horses also recently noted that it's still considering an Xbox One version, but is cautious to point out that exploring the possibility doesn't mean it will happen.

Young Horses mentioned the plans on its official Twitter account, though it made a point of noting that the Xbox One version isn't necessarily happening. In a follow-up series of tweets, the studio explained its reasoning.

"Game development is much more touch and go than you might think. Things often aren’t final until rather close to their dates," it explained. "Basically all you need to know is this is our first ever console release and we want to do it right the first time."

Studio president Phil Tibitoski previously told Polygon that it was targeting March on PS4, but was hesitant to set the date in stone. He also mentioned then the idea of Xbox One and Wii U versions.

Dadliest Catch is already out for PC, Mac, and Linux at $14.99 on Steam.