Dark Souls 2 trailer sings a 'Hollow Lullaby'

"This isn't about death," says the latest Dark Souls II trailer. "This is about what you've learned from death." And given how often death comes in Dark Souls, you should expect to learn an awful lot. Lesson #1: Don't stand directly in front of a fire-breathing dragon.

The new Dark Souls II trailer is titled 'Hollow Lullaby' and shows off the world's many perils that fly around every corner, including Hollows and towering dragons. It also encapsulates the series' trial-and-error, never-give-up spirit in a nutshell.

Dark Souls II will arrive on March 11 on PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version will follow sometime later, hopefully with Alice hosting a new batch of Dark Souls Nites on Twitch.