Hitman GO announced as mobile turn-based strategy game

Agent 47 is about to take his killer-for-hire skills to a whole new platform, as Square Enix has officially announced the rumored Hitman-themed mobile turn-based strategy game from series developer IO Interactive called Hitman GO. The publisher acknowledges GO as a side story and states that it will not distract from IO's next main entry to the Hitman series.

Players will control Agent 47 atop a diorama-like grid, giving the game more of a board game apperance. The idea is to infiltrate locations and take out targets in a turn-based environment. Many of the signature Hitman mechanics, such as disguises and sniper rifles, will be implemented in some fashion.

"We developed the game with a small core team, which allowed us to iterate fast, come up with solutions more easily and embrace a development style that felt very fresh for us," Square Enix Montreal explains on the Hitman website. "When we pitched this slightly leftfield concept to the team at IOI, they absolutely loved it. Now, Hitman GO is almost ready for launch and you might even read about it online in the coming weeks as we do some testing to make sure it's all working properly before we launch it globally."