Monstrum bringing procedurally-generated survival horror

How does scuttling around inside a labyrinthine derelict ship, which changes each time you visit and is home to a mighty beast you can only hope to avoid, sound? Horrible. Just horrible. A dreadful holiday. But perhaps a fun video game. If so, today's announcement of procedurally-generated survival adventure Monstrum for PC may be of interest to you.

Monstrum will trap you inside a sprawling dangerous ship, looking to escape. The ship's layout is procedurally generated and you'll be in there with one of several different monsters, so not only will you be lost each time, at first you won't even know what it is that's hunting you.

The monster can't be killed, only avoided, distracted, misled, and fled from screaming. Oh, and the game has permadeath, so if it does find you, you'll be in for it.

Developer Team Junkfish plans to release Monstrum some time from July to September this year on PC, Mac, and Linux, complete with Oculus Rift support. Here's the announcement trailer: