The Blackwell Epiphany concluding adventure game series in April

Adventure game specialist Wadjet Eye Games has announced its fifth and final Rosa Blackwell game will launch on PC in April, wrapping up the series which began in 2006. The psychic will return with The Blackwell Epiphany, once again assisted by a ghostly sidekick as they try to save lost souls.

"Every lesson I learned over the last eight years has been put to good use," creator Dave Gilbert said in yesterday's announcement. "This is the last Blackwell game and we've given it our all -- it's longer, more detailed, darker, and more atmospheric than any of the games that came before it. I can't think of a more worthy note to end on."

Though Wadjet actually first revealed the game in February 2013, it's pretending this is the announcement. Here's a trailer, teasing the mysteries and upsets to come: