Spelunky PC patch 1.4 adds streamlined HUD option and backup saves

Derek 'Mossmouth' Yu's cave-digging exercise in masochism known as Spelunky has seen a lot of work go towards its PS3 and Vita versions. But while developer Blitworks focused on those versions, Yu has now set his sights on the game's PC version with a new patch, v1.4, that gives it a bit of a visual overhaul.

Spelunky's latest PC update features a 'Pro' HUD option, which makes it a little less intrusive. The patch also introduces a backup save system, to help cover players in case of a computer-related mishap. For those looking to move a little faster, the patch will feature a new 'invert run' option that gives players running speed by default. This means players will need to hold down the run button in order to walk.

The latest patch is live on the Steam version of Spelunky, with the Good Old Games version to be patched a little later. There are also numerous bug fixes in place. The full list is available on the Mossmouth forums (via Joystiq).