World of Tanks Xbox 360 launches next week

After half a year of testing, with varying amounts of openness, the Xbox 360 edition of World of Tanks is finally set to launch. Publisher Wargaming today announced its free-to-play multiplayer tank 'em up will trundle out next Wednesday, February 12. The beta servers came down last week, and everyone's progress was wiped.

It'll launch with tanks from only a few nations--the United States, Germany, and United Kingdom--wargaming plans to roll out more tanks and nations over time. The game's supported by optional microtransactions to speed up the grind of unlocking and upgrading tanks.

It'll require Xbox Live Gold membership to play, as Microsoft dictates, and Wargaming is none too pleased with that. Still, it'll offer seven days' free trial for Live Silver members to kick the tracks and see if they fancy ponying up to play.

World of Tanks has been staggeringly successful on PC, racking up over 75 million registered accounts. While Wargaming won't say how many of those are active, in January the Russian servers alone set a new concurrent users record of over 1,114,000.