Metal Slug 3 coming to Steam with online multiplayer

Before it became cool to eschew polygons and return to sprites, SNK was pumping out gorgeous graphics in its run-and-gun series Metal Slug. Now one of the best in the series, Metal Slug 3 from back in 2000, is coming to Steam soon as an "arcade-perfect" port with a few shiny extras on top, including online co-op.

As well as the original arcade campaign, the Steam edition of Metal Slug 3 boasts a stage select mode, online co-op multiplayer, and leaderboards.

Pre-orders are open now on Steam, with a 25% discount bringing it down to $5.99. SNK, for reasons unknown, in today's announcement only said vaguely that it'll launch some time this month. As pre-orders end on February 7, that seems a likely day.

If you're new to Metal Slug, here's how pretty, absurd, and splendid MS3 looked on XBLA in 2009: