F2P Dungeon Keeper out on iOS and Android

At long last, a new Dungeon Keeper is upon is! Oh. A new free-to-play mobile Dungeon Keeper. That's a bit different, then. Still, you might be curious to see how Mythic has turned Bullfrog's beloved dungeon overlord RTS into a tower defense/offense-ish asynchronous multiplayer doodad, and can do so now on iOS and Android.

Like Bullfrog's classic, Mythic's Dungeon Keeper will see you (or your minions) carving out a dungeon from the rock, recruiting new monsters, building traps to defend it, and generally being opposed to evil. And maybe urging you to spend a little of your real cash to instantly do things artificially limited by time, as F2P games often do. You'll invade other players' dungeons (or AI's) to ransack them, and have yours invaded in turn.

The game soft-launched in a few countries last year, but now is available worldwide through the iTunes App Store and Google Play.