Borderlands 2 recieving colorblind mode

Developer Gearbox has continued to show support for its hit shooter sequel Borderlands 2 by releasing new updates and patches for the game, the latest of which will add in a colorblind mode when it goes live.

Gearbox felt that adding a colorblind mode to Borderlands 2 is essential due to the game's heavy reliance on color-based feedback, programmer Jeffrey Broome explained in a new post on Gearbox's blog (via Joystiq). Like many other loot-hunting games, Borderlands 2 uses a color-coding system to determine a piece of loot's rarity and worth to the player. However, as Broome points out, such a system does little good for a colorblind player.

Borderlands 2's colorblind mode will cater for three different kinds of colorblindness: deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia. Each option will use a different color palette to color items' "loot beams" so they different rarities are distinct from one another. Loot cards will also list an item's rarity as a color, as not every player knows, for example, that "orange" items are technically called "legendary."

No specific release date for the colorblind update is set at this time but Broome promised that more info will be available in the near future.