SOE tries to make 'the Year of EverQuest' a thing

We begrudgingly allowed Nintendo The Year of Luigi but look, Sony Online Entertainment, you're not getting away with 'the Year of EverQuest.' As the MMORPG series approaches its, gosh, fifteenth birthday this year, and EverQuest Next Landmark looms on the horizon, the publisher is trying to get us into the spirit of things with a year "full of content and activities." We'll come to the party, SOE, but only if you drop that name.

All three versions of EverQuest are getting shiny new things this year--'2014' as we call it.

The original EverQuest received a respectable patch this week for its latest expansion, and more is planned as its March 16 birthday approaches. The celebrations will include opening up new combinations of races and classes, and revisit and touch-up the decade-old Plane of War zone. Over in EverQuest II, which turns ten in November, a new patch yesterday added new instances and bosses and whatnot. Fancy new prestige homes are coming "very soon," and more's to follow.

It's impressive and a mite surprise that both games have been popular for long enough that Sony can keep making new bits and pieces. The future of the series, though, is to be EverQuest Next. SOE will turn the first part of that loose this year, the standalone world-builder EQ Next Landmark.

Anyway, look, here are all of the things happening in 2014 with EverQuest: