Payday 2 steals prestige by adding 'Infamy'

Do you feel like you've done everything there is to do in Payday 2? You must be quite the master thief. If you're so confident in your heisting abilities, maybe you're willing to put it all on the line and start from scratch, in favor of some truly rare loot. That's the idea behind Payday 2's new Infamy update, now available on PC.

Like Prestige in Call of Duty games, Infamy will apply to those that have hit the game's level cap. Upon reaching level 100, players will have the option to sacrifice all of their level progress, skill points, and $200,000,000 in order to gain an infamy level. Infamy-level players will also get an Infamy point to put towards the Infamy tree (filled with rare items, both cosmetic and gameplay-related) and a shiny new Infamy card to show off just how elite they are.

You can read up on the new update from the Payday 2 website. There are 14 Infamy levels in total, though only the first one will be available at launch. The remainder of the Infamy tiers will roll out in the coming weeks. The Infamy update is free for all PC players. No word on whether this feature will make its way to Xbox 360 or PS3.