Earth Defense Force 2025 rolls out on February 18

Stop talking. Just shut up. Give your vocal chords a rest. They'll need it, as come February 18 they'll be screeching "EDF! EDF!" when Earth Defense Force 2025 launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Creator Sandlot is back at the helm for this one, and we were pretty pleased with what we played of it, so 2025 may be a fine send-off for this console generation's swarming giant insects.

D3Publisher yesterday also detailed a busy DLC schedule, starting on launch day. The 'Special Ops' pack will add 5 new missions on February 18 for $2.99, then 'Mutant Rampage' will add another 20 on February 25 for $8.99, followed by another 20 on March 11 in 'Beyond Despair.' The various pre-order bonus DLC will be sold separately too.

Here's a recent trailer showing off EDF 2025's dual-wielding Fencer class: