Chess 2 now available on Ouya

It's been months since we first heard about Chess 2 for the Android-powered Ouya console, and today it has finally made its opening gambit. The game that audaciously introduces asymmetrical armies is available now, with free offline play and a pay-as-you-go model for online matches.

The trailer shows off the six armies: Classic, Animals, Two Kings, Nemesis, Empowered, and Reaper. The new armies have special abilities, like Nemesis that gives the pawns more freedom of movement, or Reaper in which the queen can teleport. Two Kings provides an extra King piece, which would seem to double the risk but also gives more options for the new win condition of having a King cross the midline.

Each online game costs 8 "crowns," and you can purchase 120 of them for $1.99. That gives you a solid 15 matches for two bucks if you want to play opponents online