World of Warcraft granting free character migration for one week

Blizzard is throwing a life preserver to World of Warcraft players that are drowning in a sea of high queue times. Subscribers in high-population servers will have the option to migrate their characters to a low population realm for free for a one-week period.

"We'll be offering Free Character Migrations next week for realms currently seeing high queue times at login," writes community manager Micah 'Bashiok' Whipple on the WoW forums (via Polygon). "Those looking to avoid waiting to log in can take advantage of the free transfers to a set destination realm. We're targeting the middle of next week for these Free Character Migrations to become available, and they'll remain open for approximately one week, or until a destination realm fills up. If you're looking to transfer with others we recommend setting up plans early to avoid any stragglers being left behind." explains the migration process, which is set to kick off next week. Among the notable items here is that guild leaders must transfer their leadership to another guild member prior to migrating. Also, a player's user interface, friends list, and ignore list will all be reset after the migration.