Killzone: Shadow Fall's first free multiplayer DLC revealed

As promised, Killzone Shadow Fall will offer free multiplayer maps for everyone. Whereas other shooters charge for new maps, Guerrilla and Sony are taking a different approach, putting additional game modes behind their Season Pass. Today, Guerrilla unveiled what the first two free maps will be for their PS4 FPS.
First up is The Cruiser (pictured above), a close-to-mid-range combat map set in the confines of a decommissioned ISA cruiser. Consisting of tight, claustrophobic corridors and interconnected compartments, the key to dominating this map is identifying and controlling its choke points.
Next is The Hangar (pictured below), a wide-open map situated in the hangar bay of one of Helghan’s humongous mining spires. In addition to the main area, which offers long lines of sight suitable for sniping, the map contains alternative routes that will need to be secured for full control.

The Hangar is one of two free maps coming to Killzone