Codemasters teases Dirt announcement for 2014

Codemasters has been teasing a new Dirt game across social media. Most notably, the developer showed off what appears to be a screenshot of a new Dirt game, while hinting that an announcement at the least would be coming this year.

The series' Facebook account (via CVG) showed off the above screenshot, and said, "We have a feeling you'll all quite like 2014." The Twitter feed also gave a cheeky "fingers crossed" reply to a fan who said he hoped they will announce Dirt 4 in 2014.

The last we heard of the series was 2012's spin-off Dirt: Showdown. It got mixed reviews, and word of another Dirt game on the horizon resulted in a long list of wish-list items from fans on Facebook--many of them using Showdown as an example of ideas to avoid in the next iteration.