Gran Turismo 6 adding Toyota FT-1 concept car in free update

If you're playing a racing game, you're probably also an admirer of real cars, goes the logic which sees the automotive industry using them as handy advertising venues. Toyota's airing its brand a bit more together with Gran Turismo 6, bringing its newly-revealed concept coupé the FT-1 to GT6 tomorrow for free.

Players will be able to nab the car for free if they score Bronze or above a unique FT-1 challenge Seasonal Event on the Laguna Seca track, or just buy it from the virtual Toyota dealership.

The FT-1 team at Toyota actually approached Polyphony Digital about bringing its vision to Gran Turismo as it pitched the idea internally, to "help create a driving simulator experience that could physically communicate the performance and emotion of the high-performance coupé concept," according to today's announcement. Evidently it paid off, because here we are.

Oodles of concept cars are due to hit GT6 this year as part of its 'Vision Gran Turismo' event, as 28 manufacturers have been challenged to create a two-door 'Gran Turismo' car concept to celebrate the series' 15th anniversary. For now, here's the Toyota FT-1: