The Witcher Adventure Game brings Geralt to tabletops

The Witcher is becoming a game! Wait, it's already a video game. However, it's also becoming a board game with The Witcher Adventure Game. CD Projekt Red has teamed up with Fantasy Flight Games to work on a board game adaptation of The Witcher universe.

The Adventure Game will have players controlling Geralt, Triss Merigold, Yarpen Zigrin, and Dandelion. Each character has unique skills and their own deck of Development Cards, and it'll be up to players to decide to fight, use charm, or attempt diplomacy to get through the game. You'll be able to play lone wolf, cooperate with others, or betray players with "false promises."

"Fantasy Flight Games has an outstanding connection with board game fans worldwide and is well known for the highest quality of their titles. We're really excited that we can join the party and expand The Witcher universe in such great company," CD Projekt's Adam Badowski said in the announcement.

The game's due for a physical release later this year, but there's no word on price yet. It doesn't sound like it will be cheap, based on the official website. "The Witcher Adventure Game aims to set a new standard for tabletop games of this kind--each of the over 350 premium quality components found in the box has been designed and crafted with meticulous care by some of the industry's most acclaimed artists."

If that's a bit too rich for your blood, it appears there will be a more accessible version to play. A mobile version of the game is also in the works for iOS and Android devices.