Double Dragon: Neon coming to PC

Though the '80s are so passé now--it's all about the '90s--a year or two back they were the decade to gaze nostalgically at. Hotline Miami and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon were celebrated for their retro chic, but WayForward's poor Double Dragon: Neon failed to make much of an impact. It's getting a second crack, though, as publisher Majesco has announced a PC release coming soon.

Released to celebrate the scrolling beat 'em up series's 25th birthday, Double Dragon: Neon was built on the same basic formula of walking left to right, pausing to punch and kick a delightful array of punks. Then it added a healthy dose of retro japery, with high-fiving at will, synth-laden tunes to collect, and over-the-top shenanigans. The second level, for example, sees Billy and Jimmy entering a nightclub which turns out to be a rocket, blasting off to the villain's spacebase.

Neon is due on PC by the end of March, coming under Majesco's "indie" label Midnight City.