Rhythm fighter KickBeat boogying onto PC

Zen Studios may be best known for its pinball games, but dabbles in a fair few other genres too. The developer today announced it's bringing rhythm fighter KickBeat over from PlayStation 3 and Vita to PC, arriving on January 20 in an improved 'Steam Edition' costing $9.99. It's an Audiosurf-y sort of deal, turning songs you feed it into brawls.

KickBeat's a fighting game of sorts, but battles replicate the flow of their soundtrack so it's more about perfecting timing than learning combos.

The PC version comes with an extra six tracks in the virtual box, along with improvements such as improved graphics and difficulty tweaks. It also lets players import their own music without having beaten the campaign, which is only sensible considering that's one of the main draws.

Here's a trailer from the PlayStation version, showing how to make your own battles: