FTL: Advanced Edition adds new robotic race

FTL: Faster Than Light is getting its Advanced Edition update early next year, and developer Subset Games has outlined a few more additions that will be coming with it. Most notably, it will add a new scavenger race called the Lanius.

According to a post on the FTL blog, the Lanius are metallic lifeforms that absorb minerals, and then go back into hibernation until they find a new deposit. The Lanius have recently started reviving around Federation space, creating panic in the citizenry. In terms of gameplay, they don't require life support, and actually drain oxygen from compartments while inside. Naturally, this means a new Lanius ship will be added, with its own achievements and layout.

Other features for the Advanced Edition include a Type C layout for eight of the original ships, the addition of a backup battery for temporary power to your ship, new Drone options, and various other tweaks. The blog notes, of course, that these options can be disabled if you want to play it with the original feel. An iPad port, with all the Advanced bells and whistles, will come alongside the free update.