Natural Selection 2 brings back Eclipse

Some FPS maps are stamped into the spatial memory of their players forever: DM6; 2Fort; Q2DM1; Urban; Wake Island; de_dust. For me, ns_eclipse from Natural Selection is up there, so how wonderful it's now in the mod's commercial sequel.

Developer Unknown Worlds yesterday released a Natural Selection 2 patch adding a remake of the classic map, along with a handful of performance optimisations, balance tweaks, and bug fixes.

The Eclipse remake isn't wholly faithful, restyling a few areas and tweaking a bit to accommodate differences between the games, but oh, I'm feeling so very old looking at it, and anxious about how weak I've become. What if I'm no longer the scourge of South Loop, the terror of Triad, the horror of Horseshoe? Put me in a home and leave me to die.

Though Unknown Worlds recently revealed its next project, a deep sea exploration game named Subnautica, it's still planning to support NS2, as this here patch demonstrates. Check the announcement blog post for more on the rest of Build 262's changes.

Happily, NS2 is 75% off on Steam until January 2 in the winter sale, down to only $6.24.