Max: The Curse of Brotherhood on Xbox One tomorrow

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 19, 2013 11:00am PST

Surprise! Just in case you're already done with Xbox One's launch lineup, another game will be hitting the Xbox Games Store tomorrow. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will be available on Xbox One for $15.

Developed by Press Play, Max is a follow-up to Max & the Magic Marker. Following that game's release, the studio was acquired by Microsoft--hence the game's Xbox-exclusive status. Although originally developed for Xbox 360, that version is expected in early 2014.

"Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is Press Play's contribution to bringing the puzzle-platform genre to the new generation of consoles," said Creative Director Mikkel Thorsted in a release. "We've put a great deal of passion and ambition into creating a unique experience."

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