Microsoft acquires Magic Marker dev Press Play

Microsoft has picked up Press Play, maker of Tentacles and Max and the Magic Marker, it was announced amidst all the E3 hubub on Monday. It's probably chiefly, but not only, for the Danish studio's mobile mastery, as neither game came to Xbox 360 but both hit Windows Phone.

"We proudly embrace this change and are looking forward to bringing new Press Play games to our fans across all of Microsoft's platforms," the studio said in a statement on its website.

"In a weird and non-indie way, we believe that we will have more creative freedom with Microsoft Studios than we have ever had before. For the first time ever we can focus ALL energy on our games, and great things are on the horizon."

Press Play added that it "will continue to strive for creativity and awesomeness," and is "super excited" to reveal its next games "in the very near future." How nice!