Open-world realistic RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance announced

Warhorse Studios announced its existence back in 2011, starting with a small team including the creator of Mafia and other folks from Mafia as well as Arma, and teasing the sort of things one would expect from such people: open worlds and realistic settings. After a lot of peeks here and there, Warhorse has finally announced its first game, an open-world RPG set in the Holy Roman Empire and named Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Quite unconventionally for a medieval RPG, Deliverance won't have a jot of magic or fantasy, Kotaku reports. What it will have is a non-linear story and first-person combat, including fighting from horseback, large battles, and castle sieges. Splendid!

As lovely as it sounds, Warhorse has had a pig of a time finding a publisher, which it detailed in a recent blog post. Apparently the games industry is a cold and uncaring place. Who knew!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is expected to launch in 2015 on PC and next-gen consoles. Hit the official website to follow it, and check this announcement trailer: