Minecraft emerges on PlayStation 3 this week, PS4 and Vita in 2014

Surprise! In a last-minute announcement, Mojang has revealed that Minecraft will arrive on PlayStation 3 this Tuesday. It was once planned to be a PlayStation 4 launch title and arrive on Vita too, but those versions are now slated to arrive "sometime next year." Still, your family will at least be able to huddle around and build a giant exploding Christmas tree on PS3 after Christmas dinner. "Minecraft: PS3 Edition comes with everything present in other console versions. They're pretty much identical to play, and will be developed in tandem from now on," Mojang's Owen Hill explained in the announcement. He added that Mojang doesn't know "yet" if it'll be support Remote Play or be compatible with the PS4 and Vita versions, so keep those fingers crossed. Hill hinted at the possibility of PlayStation-exclusive skin packs, too. Minecraft first arrived on consoles as an Xbox 360 exclusive in June 2012. It's been just a wee bit successful, very recently passing 10 million sales on that platform alone.

Yep, the PS3 edition certainly does look like Minecraft