Dead Rising 3 demo released; 'Operation Eagle' DLC detailed

If you've already rushed out and bought an Xbox One, one imagines that Dead Rising 3 was a high-priority buy too. Still, for those uncertain whether they'd enjoy smashing zombies in a sandbox world, a demo out today gives them 40 minutes to find out. For folks already breaking skulls, new story-based DLC is on the way. The demo is limited to two 20-minute sessions per gamertag, so 40 minutes in all, lest people enjoy it too much to buy the full version. It's perhaps overzealous, but cheatable easily enough. Today also brought the announcement of DR3 DLC named 'Operation Eagle.' It's due December 24, adding a new mission, five extra weapons, one new combo weapon, another vehicle, and a new outfit. It stars a new protagonist, but XP earned can be carried back over to the main campaign. "This episode puts you in control of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane on a mission that challenges everything he believes and sets him out to capture the missing President of the United States," today's announcement explained. How much will it cost? No idea, but it's the first of four planned to come under the DLC season pass.

This is all we've seen of the DLC. Yep.