Dead Rising 3 gets a DLC Season Pass alongside a new trailer

All AAA games need some manner of DLC Season Pass. So, what does Capcom and Microsoft have in store for Dead Rising 3?

Four packs will be available beginning in "late December." Each content pack will feature new gameplay, including new playable characters, missions, weapons, and more. Each pack will cost $9.99--unless you pick up the Season Pass, of course.

The Season Pass will be available to purchase alongside the game's launch on November 22nd. At $29.99, it represents a 25% discount over buying the packs individually. You'll also get the bonus "Nick Ramos Tribute Pack," which lets you drive a custom muscle car and wear a "battle-hardened" Nick Ramos costume--who is the main character of the game. We are confused.

Here's a new trailer too:

BOOM video 16350