Sonic Lost World update adds more lives, makes GamePad controls optional

Sonic Lost World had a lot of issues at launch. Sega is attempting to address at least a few of them in a new title update.

For example, in our review, we lamented that collecting rings served no purpose in Lost World. For some reason, Sonic didn't gain an extra life when collecting a hundred rings. That's been addressed in the latest patch. In addition, Game Overs will have players start with 10 lives instead of 5, making it a bit more forgiving to endure the game's later levels.

In addition, many of the Color Powers no longer need players to use the GamePad. We had questioned the arbitrary integration of these Color Powers in our review. Now, the Indigo Asteroid, Crimson Eagle, Orange Rocket, and Black Bomb powers can all be controlled using the analog stick and buttons.

There are a few more updates as well. You can see the entire patch notes on Sega's official blog.