Forza 5 update will lower car prices, add drag racing

Players were none too pleased with how the economy worked in Forza Motorsport 5. While Turn 10 has made some changes, it appears an even more drastic update is in the works. A new title update, which can arrive as early as next week, will drastically reduce the price of cars while also increasing the rate at which racers earn money.

According to IGN, on-disc cars will be reduced in price by 45%, with the earn rate for racers more than doubling. Turn 10 says that exotic cars can now be acquired in one-fifth the time as in Forza 4.

In addition, the update will add Drag Racing, which supports up to 16 racers in one lobby. Tag multiplayer modes will also be introduced, which comes in three varieties: "Keep the It," where players must try to hold onto the "It" for as long as possible without being tagged by another racer; "Tag Virus," where players must avoid being tagged; and "Pass the It," where the player that was tagged "It" for the shortest amount of time will win.

The update will be available before the end of the month.