Fallout 1 and 2 free to start GOG winter sale

Fallout and Fallout 2 are widely regarded as two of the finest RPGs around, which is probably because they're great. If you haven't played them, or fancy returning once again, you can now snag both for free at GOG, as the digital distributor has kicked off its winter sale by offering them as presents. The combat-oriented Fallout Tactics is free too, even if it is remembered less fondly.

The GOG winter sale brings oodles of discounts, as one would expect, along with heaps of daily things. Each day, each GOG user can choose from one of three mystery presents, which range from special discounts to free games. The big daily discount will be decided by a vote between two choices, and, igh, 'YouTube celebrities' will be touting games with 75% off in daily deals. Lots of stuff is cheap, basically.

Here, head this-a-way to get Fallout, its sequel, and the spin-off Tactics for free.

"As the rights for this celebrated franchise are changing hands at the end of the year, GOG.com will no longer be able to sell the titles, although they will remain on users' shelves if they already own them," GOG explained in this morning's announcement. So for goodness' sake, grab them.