Peggle 2 multiplayer Duel mode coming in patch

Training in solitude is important, building patience and control, but true Peggle Masters are only formed in the heat of battle. To that end, PopCap plans to release a new free multiplayer mode for Peggle 2, bringing back the original's Duel with support for both local and online play this time.

Duel mode let two players duke it out on the same Peggle board, shooting for the same pegs and trying to score the highest. Peggle 2's Peg Party mode has players on their own separate boards.

"We'll be announcing details soon, but rest assured that we're working to bring you Duels as soon as we possibly can. For free. Because free is rad and you fine folks deserve it," producer Jared Neuss said in a Facebook post.

He added, "I'm also happy to announce that Duels are just the beginning. There are lots of surprises in store for Peggle 2 fans and we'll be bringing you regular updates as we continue to expand and add to the world that we've built."