Pure Pool announced for PlayStation 4

For years you've pored over arcane tomes and dusty issues of long-cancelled magazines, studying intently, learning all you could. That knowledge is worthless now. "Forget everything you know about pool games," says Hustle Kings developer VooFoo in announcing a new ball-and-stick game for PlayStation 4, "because we're taking Pure Pool to a whole other dimension!" What a wasted life.

"By now, you know we enjoy pushing hardware to the limit to create photo-realistic games. Well, using the immense power of PS4, we're working on graphical techniques that will blur your perception of what's real and what's a game," VooFoo ambitiously boasts in the announcement.

2014 is when Pure Pool will take us to a terrifying hyper-real new dimension, where humans transcend their flesh to become androids, if this announcement trailer is any indication: