Broken Age debuts Shay, still on track for January

Double Fine's Broken Age has shown an awful lot of Vella's adventure in recent months. Creator Tim Schafer came to the VGX this year to show off the story's other main character, Shay, voiced by Elijah Wood. He also revealed a release window for his Kickstarter-backed game: January 2014.

While Vella's path takes her down a fantasy cloud world, Shay's story takes him through a space age "Incubator" vessel that rescued him from his dying planet. Shay can be seen living a noticeably mundane existence, as he's cared for by an overcaring ship's AI, until he decides to take his life into his own hands and steer the ship towards an unknown destination.

Schafer adds that beyond the two characters' stories eventually converging, players will be able to switch back-and-forth between each character at will, similar to Schafer's previous effort, Day of the Tentacle. Broken Age is slated to hit PC, Mac, and Linux. Check out Shay's story in the trailer below.