Knytt Underground exploring Wii U this month

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, a little peace and quiet can be welcome. Arriving in the nick of time, Nifflas' charming exploration puzzle-platformer Knytt Underground now has a Wii U release date of December 18. Why get this over the PC, PS3 or Vita versions? Well, it has shiny new bits.

Underground's the third in the Knytt series, taking players to an elaborate subterranean world with side-quests to complete over 1,800 rooms to explore by jumping around, solving puzzles, and completing quests.

Curiously, the Wii U version boasts a vague series of "improvements and changes based on fan feedback from Reddit," which are exclusive to this version. The update's dubbed "Infinity Hype," because games. The graphics have been polished up a bit too. Here's the Wii U launch trailer: