Stick it to The Man! coming to PC

by Alice O'Connor, Dec 05, 2013 11:00am PST
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Having torn apart a world of paper and stickers on PlayStation 3 and Vita using its brain-arm, Stick It to the Man! is making a move on PC. Zoink's weird adventure game is coming via Steam later this month, because gosh, shouldn't every adventure game be home in time for Christmas?

Stick It to the Man! is about a chap who awakes one day to find a big pink arm growing out his head, which lets him tear and fold his papercraft-y world, and move stickers around. Which, as you might imagine, gets poor Ray into trouble, as he's framed by The Man. Oh, you'd better believe this leads to puzzles. It boasts words from Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics, too.

Launching smack bang between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One meant the game got a little lost in all the next-gen excitement/cynicism, but it did review pretty well.


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