NCAA sues EA over student athlete settlement

EA recently settled with student athletes who had filed a class-action suit over likeness rights, to the tune of $40 million. But if you thought that was the end, you clearly underestimated the churn of the justice system. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is now suing EA, claiming that the organization is entitled to compensation for its losses.

Bloomberg (via Joystiq) reports that the suit was filed on November 4 in Georgia. The NCAA was EA's co-defendant in the suit brought against them by student athletes, but EA settled with the athletes on its own. The NCAA alleges that EA's settlement would negate the publisher's legal obligation to grant the NCAA liability and legal fees compensation, and that it lacked the liability insurance to do so.

The two have already split, with the NCAA having announced in July that it would not renew the license with EA Sports.