EVE Online: Rubicon cinematic trailer heralds new expansion

With EVE Online's twentieth free expansion due to warp in next Tuesday, developer CCP has launched a lovely new cinematic trailer to celebrate. The 'Rubicon' expansion brings oodles of newness for both PvE and PvP, from new deployable structures to booby-trapped Ghost Sites hiding forbidden knowledge.

The big idea behind Rubicon is giving players more power over the galaxy, and more ways to chip away at each other. NPC customs offices will become destroyable, letting players set up their own to tax industries on planets. New 'Ghost Sites' will crop up around the galaxy, secret areas which contain the blueprints and materials to make the first stat-boosting implants produced by players (they're currently controlled by NPC factions). Ghost Sites are booby-trapped though, so players will need to quick hack them and bail before either it blows or pirates come to defend their turf.

It also adds new mobile structures players can use to support their activities or siphon resources from other pilots, new ships intended for exploration missions, an overhaul of the certificate system to help new players plan their skills, and more. Hit Rubicon's subsite for the scoop.

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