X Rebirth launch trailer splashes down

After years of waiting and hoping, it's finally almost here, launching tomorrow at long last. And pull back to reveal... oh! I'm talking about X Rebirth. A new trailer celebrates the space sim's impeding blastoff, hinting at all the wonderful things we'll get to do in its sandbox galaxy.

The premise is simple: there's space; go do stuff. Players can become space-mercenaries, run missions, do space-fighting from dogfights to full-blown battles, mine, trade, hire NPCs, and build everything from space-farms to heavily-armed bases. This time pilots get to stroll around space stations and ships on foot too. It does have a story campaign, but you can simply play in the sandbox too.

Though the series is seemingly more complex than ever, Egosoft has also worked on making it more accessible, rebuilding the user interface and adding gamepad support.

X Rebirth launches tomorrow on PC, priced at $49.99. Here's that new trailer:

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