BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea trailer celebrates launch

Clouds are nice and all but the sea, the sea, that's where my heart will always be. BioShock Infinite returns to Rapture today as the first episode of its 'Burial at Sea' DLC launches, and naturally publisher 2K has released a trailer to celebrate this. Turns out Sander Cohen wasn't much of a looker before the fall of Rapture, either.

The first episode stars Booker DeWit again, but the second will let players squeeze into Elizabeth's dress. As you might expect, she's to play quite differently,

Burial at Sea will be available from the usual places today for $15. You may want to plump for the $20 Season Pass, though, as the second episode is also $15 and the pass includes the 'Clash In the Clouds ' trials DLC and some other gubbins.

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