NBA 2K14 debuts 'Real Voice' interviews

Much of the nuclear escalation that is yearly sports game releases comes down to how real the game is getting. The visuals look more real, the animations become more real, and real stats are plugged in to make it the realest real that ever real. 2K Sports recently took the wraps off another really-real feature for NBA 2K14: 'Real Voice.'

The feature takes audio from actual NBA player and coach interviews, and then plugs them into the halftime and post-game interviews in-game. It boasts more than 600 interviews in all, from players like Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

It also inadvertently confirms how much of this type of post-game chatter is completely interchangeable. Quotes like "they play hard, they play together" and "we were taking a couple of bad shots" can so easily apply to any NBA game that they can be wrenched from their original context and put in a user-controlled medium--and yet it still makes sense. See for yourself.