Sonder tells a space-story from every angle

The most interesting character in a game is almost inevitably the one we play, and every other seems shallow in comparison. Sonder's tackling this by letting players take over any and every part in its story, jumping from character to character as they please. And it seems to be set on a space station, which is always welcome.

Developer Kamai Media is a little cagey about what you'll actually do in Sonder, simply describing it as a "third-person action-adventure game" where you can talk to people and interact with things. It has more to say about how its story works, though. A bit like The Last Express, events will unfold in real-time whether you're there to witness them or not, and you can rewind time whenever you please to try something different. Things will keep on rolling if some die, though.

Multiplayer is planned too, with players taking control of individual characters.

Kamai is looking for a publisher, hoping to bring Sonder to PC and next-gen consoles.

"The goal of the game is to illustrate that judgment is heavily influenced by perspective--acts that seem random, irrational, malicious or even generous or noble, may register differently when you are put in the position where you have to choose to make them," Kamai says on the official site.