Xbox One playable at 75 Microsoft stores

The Xbox One launch is right around the corner, and chances are you've already pre-ordered if you intend to get one. But, just in case you're not quite convinced to pitch a tent outside your local big box store on the evening of November 21 like a crazy person, Microsoft is opening several more opportunities to try it at the company stores.

Microsoft announced that 75 Microsoft stores across the country will have demo stations with Forza Motorsport 5 playable. You can use the store finder to locate one close to you. Stores will also be holding a sweepstakes for visitors, with a grand prize of a console, a copy of Forza 5, some racing peripherals, and a $2,000 gift card to get yourself a big TV to play it on.

The company had previously allowed hands-on with its Xbox One Tour, which visited several cities to give limited time trials of the hardware. This promotion instead lasts the entire lead-up to the system launch, so if you find a participating store you can pop in anytime before November 22 to give Forza 5 a go.